Why We Require a Private Domain Email Address

Why We Require a Private Domain Email Address

Ensuring Secure and Efficient Lenovo NetFilter Implementation

To ensure the security and effective administration of your Lenovo NetFilter implementation, we require an email address from your private domain during purchase or fulfillment.  This email address serves as your authentication ID and helps us create a secure and organized environment for your account.

Why We Require a Private Domain Email Address

  1. Authentication and Administration: We use your private domain email address to create an organization identifier.  This allows for the creation of additional accounts if needed, all tied to your organization.  The organization ID is derived from the provided email domain, ensuring all accounts are linked to your specific domain.

  2. Deployment to Chromebooks: Lenovo NetFilter integrates seamlessly with Chromebooks only when using the Google Workspace Admin Console. Public '@gmail.com' addresses do not provide access to these necessary deployment utilities.

  3. Account Security: Using a private domain email address helps us verify the authenticity of users associated with your account.  Public domain email addresses (e.g., '@gmail.com') can be created by anyone, making it difficult to confirm if the individual truly belongs to your organization.  For example, if the email associated with the account is 'example@gmail.com' and someone contacts us from 'example_administrator@gmail.com' claiming to replace 'example@gmail.com', we have no way of verifying their legitimacy.

By adhering to these guidelines, we can better protect your account and ensure a smooth implementation of Lenovo NetFilter.

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