Report Admin

Report Admin

The Report Admin is used to review and modify the number of reports that are active and those that are waiting to be processed. It displays an overview of the performance of the reporting daemon. This window does not provide specific error messages for a given report, but it can indicate if a problem exists. Specific information about errors in Reports can be viewed in the Demand, Scheduled or Continuous Reports windows. Problems with the Reporter Daemon can be diagnosed by going to Logs > Reporter Messages under the Errors tab.

If there are many overdue reports, you can use this window to delete some reports or you can select to skip overdue reports and continue processing from the current date. If your server is overburdened and Scheduled Reports are overdue, you can instruct the server to skip processing for a set of overdue Scheduled Reports.

The page is split up into different sections. Some sections will not display if they contain no data.

See a brief of the functionality of these sections below.

Scheduled Report Summary

This section shows the number of Scheduled Reports that are active or waiting to be processed. If there are Reports waiting in the Queue and no Reports being currently processed, that could be an indication of problems with the Reporter Daemon. Please go to Logs > Reporter Errors.

The ‘Number of Reports Processed Currently’ shows Reports that are being processed. These Reporter Settings determine the maximum number of Reports that are processed per thread based on the ‘Max Number of Reports Processing Concurrently per Thread’ setting. These settings are used to control the processing load.

Reports Stopped Because of Error

A ‘Report Stopped Because of Error’ section displays in the Report Admin if there are problems with the Report generation.

In this example, you can go to the Scheduled Reports window and search for the Error. Click the View link beside the Report.

The Error message displays in ‘Report Status’. In this example, go to ‘Reporter Settings’ and increase the file size. Be sure to restart the Reporter. Click the Reset Error Flag to generate the Report.

Click the Reset link to restart the Report.

Number of Scheduled Reports (by day)

This section shows the minimum, average and maximum number of Scheduled Reports processed by day. Deleted Reports are not included in these totals.

Quick Report Processing

This section monitors the number and types of Quick Report being used. If there are any Quick Reports being generated that have been disabled in WebAdmin Settings, delete these reports to save disk space and reduce the load on your Reporter.

Cleanup Disabled Reports

The ‘Cleanup Disabled Reports:’ button deletes all Quick Reports for Scheduled Report Templates that have been disabled. A Scheduled Report can be disabled in the Report Templates window. Remove the checkmarks beside ‘Global’ and ‘Group’ and Save the window.

Overdue Reports

This section displays overdue reports. If there are a large number of overdue reports, consider deleting some of the reports or select Skip to have the Reporter skip overdue reports and continue processing from the current date.

Temporarily Stop Reports by Run Interval

Use this section to temporarily stop reports by run interval. Use the two cancel buttons to cancel all or some of the temporary stops.

Temporarily Stop Selected: This button temporarily stops all reports for the selected run intervals.

Cancel Stop for Selected: This button cancels the Temporary stop for the selected run intervals.

Cancel Stop for All: This button cancels the stop for all run intervals.

Temporarily Stopped Quick Reports

Quick Reports have a Restart button when the Report has been temporarily stopped.


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