Quick Search Reports

Quick Search Reports

Quick Search is used to directly search for specific items in the Request Log. Like a web search engine, the Quick Search feature allows you to reduce the number of search results by entering one or more criteria that a record must satisfy to be included. You can use a date or IP address range, a specific Client or Policy Group name, a URL or Host name, the Denied Flag (which indicates whether the request was allowed or denied), and requests to specific categories as your search criteria.

The 'Quick Search' window displays. Enter the information and click Search.

The 'Quick Search' Report displays in the 'Demand Report' window.

Settings Button in Quick Search

You can use the Settings button to set the 'Domain Definitions' and 'Average Page Browsing Time'. The options for 'Domain Definitions are: 'Regular Expression', Domain List File, Custom Domain List, and Domain List File and Custom List.


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