Quick Demand Reports

Quick Demand Reports

Quick Demand Reports are a special class of Quick Reports that are only generated once (not on a regular basis like other Quick Reports). Instead of receiving reports for a day, week, or month, you can create a Quick Report that covers any date range, starting as far back as the logs are stored. Use Quick Demand Reports when you want to find any of the information shown in a Quick Report but want the report to cover a very specific time period. For example, create a Top 10 Websites report for yesterday afternoon between 13:00-18:00 (1:00pm-6:00pm).

Demand Report Tool Bar

Tile View

Click the Tile button to display the 'Tile' view.

Table View

Click the Table button to display the 'Table' view.

Show/Hide and Reorder Columns

You can add or remove columns by using the Settings button.  You can also drag and drop to reorder columns.

By default, 'Auto' is used for Session Stored values and Tile and Table view settings last used should be saved. If this is not the case, please check Session Stored settings.

Creating a Quick Demand Report

1.    Go to Reports > Demand Reports and click on the Quick Demand Reports button.

2.    The Quick Demand Reports window displays. Select the Quick Demand Report you want.

3.    Enter the Start Date and End Date for the report.

4.    You can also input multiple email addresses, separated by commas. Do not include spaces. For example: ex1@example.com,ex2@example.com,ex3@example.com

5.    Select Submit.

6.    The Report displays in the Demand Reports window.

7.    Clicking the Show link displays the Report.

Number of Hosts to Display

The 'Number of hosts to display' field is visible when adding a Quick Demand Report with only one grouping. This field allows you to change the number of records the Report will display for the first presentation. 

Adding a Demand Report to the Quick Demand Reports Window

1.    Go to Reports > Demand Reports and click the View link beside the Report you wish to convert.

2.    In the Report window, click the Create Template link.

3.    Name the Report Template and click Submit.

4.    The 'Report Templates' window displays.  Find your Report and place a checkmark in the Global column.

5.    Go to Reports > Demand Reports and click the Quick Demand Reports button.

6.    The Quick Demand Report displays.  Click the Report.

7.    Modify the data, if required, and click Submit.


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