Account Templates

Account Templates

Account Templates Overview

Account Templates can be used when assigning Account Permissions for Admins and SysOps.

Account Templates can be assigned to an Account and applied in a priority order. Account Permissions are applied after all Account Templates. Account Templates have 3 states and Account Permissions have 2 since they are last.

Assigned Permission Template Priority Order

Account Templates can be assigned to an Account and applied in a priority order. Select the Permission Template from the dropdown list. You can add one or more Templates and they can be assigned in priority order. The top Template in the list will take precedent over the ones further down the list.

Permission Settings: Enable/Disable/Unset

Account Permissions have three settings: Enabled, Disabled and Unset. Enabled and Disabled will be applied but Unset will be ignored.

There are three settings for each permission.




The green toggle button enables the permission.


The grey toggle button unsets the permission.


The red toggle button disables the permission.

Creating an Account Template

1.    Go to Accounts and click the Templates tab.

2.    Click the Create button.

3.    Enter the name and select the Template Type.

4.    Click Submit.

5.    The Permissions, IP Restrictions, and Groups tabs display.

Account Template Tabs

Permissions Tab

Click the Permissions tab and select the permissions you wish to apply. You can also copy from an existing Account Template.

Be sure to click the Submit button before moving to the other tabs to save your permissions.

IP Restrictions Tab

The IP Restrictions tab can restrict a template to specific IP ranges (e.g. or This prevents the SysOp from adding network- or client-based workstations outside of this range.  This tab does not display for Admin Templates.

Groups Tab

An Account holder is said to be a 'Manager' of any Group that he or she manages. Use the Groups tab to assign or remove Groups from the selected Account Template.

Copy an Account Template

When you create a new Permission Template, you can copy from an existing template.

1.    Go to Accounts and click the Templates tab click the Create button.

2.    Enter the ‘Template Name’ and select the SysOp or Admin Template Type.

3.    Click the Permissions tab.

4.    Select an Account Template beside the Copy from Template button and then click the button.

5.    The permissions are copied over.

6.    Click the Submit button.

Assign a Permission Template with Creating an Account

You can assign an Account Template when creating or editing an Account.


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